Let GGX do the heavy lifting with ourTurnkey marketplace & payment infrastructurewhile you focus on building great gaming experiences!Our end-to-end solution allows game developers to focus their time & resources on building immersive gaming experiences and reduces time & cost to market for developing robust and secure digital asset trading functionality
Why GGX?GGX provides game developers infrastructure solutions to introduce Digital Asset Ownership and Trading within their games, via a seamless SDK removing unnecessary Web3 complications for the player
Full Game Developer FlexibilityGet ultimate control of the in-game economy and retain the flexibility to change game mechanics along with an easily customisable marketplace with rich theming to deliver a truly seamless and native experience to your players
Monetise via trading of assets in addition to existing In-app purchases and advertising
Complete flexibility to introduce mechanics around digital assets which we help you ship to market
In-app marketplace with rich customisation and theming control offering an interface experience native to your game
Complete Marketplace SolutionFull functionality of the marketplace within your game client including complete front end flows for browsing listings, trading and payments with a powerful developer dashboard
Complete player facing client flows for setting prices, making offers, completing purchases order matching, trade activity price and transaction history
Global KYC and Payment Solutions (On/Off-ramp) across geographies
Non-Custodial Wallet Solutions for your players
Minting and Trading of Game Digital Assets
Active Fraud Management
Anything else you might need for your game’s marketplace including a rich developer dashboard with configuration control and analytics
Deep Collaboration with Skin in the gameWe collaborate with you to design your in-game economy and provide distribution support to scale the game & acquire users
We provide help with distribution to scale user acquisition through distribution with strategic partners & marketing grants
We work alongside you to provide a full spectrum of advisory services on your in-game economy as required
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