Unlock the potential ofTRUE OWNERSHIP OF GAMING ASSETS &
with GGX's seamless global solution suite for game developers
Why In-Game Trading?Drive recurring monetisation through game asset trading revenue
Improved Payer Conversions
Improved Payer ConversionsPlayers are more likely to convert to payers when they can truly own and control their in-game digital assets
Higher Player Retention
Higher Player RetentionCreate an invested player base that is more likely to continue playing the game leading to higher retention
Additional Monetisation
Additional MonetisationTrading revenues provide an ongoing revenue stream that complements existing in-game purchases
Let your players experience theEase of In-Game trading with the GGX SDKThe GGX Marketplace easily integrates into your game and offers a seamless and complete trading experience designed for your players out of the box!
Complete in-game user journey
Complete in-game user journeyGGX enables seamless interactions with an in-game marketplace so that your players can own and trade their digital assets, all without the need to leave your game
Buy, Sell, Rent and more!
Buy, Sell, Rent and more!The GGX SDK enables rich marketplace functionality for your players such as the ability to list assets for sale, placing bids, price matching, renting items and more
In-Game Payments
In-Game PaymentsA full suite of payment solutions which includes deposits, withdrawals and transaction history for ultimate player convenience
Easily convert yourGame Items to Tradable Digital Assetswith a push of a button through GGX’s minting dashboard
Provably Scarce & Valuable
Provably Scarce & ValuableLimited quantity items with varying rarities increase ownership value of game assets and power trust for your game’s trade-floor
Enable True Ownership & Trade
Enable True Ownership & TradeAllow your players to verify the ownership of assets across your game, building a deeper investment and trust in your game’s economy
Airdrops & Primary Sale
Airdrops & Primary SaleDrop game assets to your players directly or package them through surprise packs or unlock-able chests - choose what is best for your game!
GGX provides an end to end trading experience with seamlessPayment, Wallet and KYCaccessible from within your game!
Secure In-Game Payments
Secure In-Game PaymentsPlayers have everything that they need to complete trades and cash out from within your game with GGX’s KYC and Payment solutions
FIAT Deposits & Withdrawals
FIAT Deposits & WithdrawalsAllow players to conveniently deposit and withdraw in the currency that they are most comfortable with
Non-Custodial Wallets
Non-Custodial WalletsYour players have complete custody and control of their assets and currency wallets
Payment, Wallet and KYC Partners
Grow with GGXThe GGX marketplace is LIVE and is powering up to 1000 trades per minute
136,517Transactions every week
$ 1,120,096Transaction Volume till date
33,685Players transacting
Why choose GGX?GGX provides turnkey modular marketplace & payment tech infrastructure designed for games so that you can focus on building great gaming experiences!
Full Game Developer Flexibility
Full Game Developer Flexibility Ultimate control of the in-game economy and retain the flexibility to change game mechanics. Customise marketplace theme to offer a truly seamless and native experience.
Complete Marketplace Solution
Complete Marketplace SolutionFull functionality of the marketplace within your game client including complete front end flows for browsing listings, trading and payments with a powerful developer dashboard
Deep Collaboration with skin in the game
Deep Collaboration with skin in the gameWe collaborate with you to design your in-game economy and provide distribution support to scale the game & acquire users alongside you
GGX Offerings for Game Developers
In-Game Marketplace
In-Game MarketplaceFull functionality of the marketplace within your game client
Global Payments & KYC
Global Payments & KYCGlobal KYC and Payment Solutions (On/Off-ramp) across geographies with convenient deposits and withdrawals
GGX SDKQuick integration & lightning fast go-to-market
WalletsNon-Custodial Wallets for players with seamless onboarding
MintingEasily convert your game items to tradable digital assets with true ownership
Game Bridge
Game BridgeSupport for multiple game development environments
TradeFull trading functionality for players including listing items for sale, placing bids, price matching, renting and more
Ownership APIs
Ownership APIsManage ownership and transfers of assets for your players with ease
Developer Console
Developer ConsoleConfigure, Control and Monitor your in-game marketplace
LoginUse GGX’s Login and identity solution seamlessly across your game and marketplace
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